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Benchmarking: This business world strategy receives a lot of attention in nonbusiness fields to enhance organizational performance. This strategy is characterised by reforms in the Kenyan and South African electricity sectors. Despite this, electricity consumers continue to be dissatisfied with the provision of this commodity.This comparative study of KPLC and ESKOM, public utilities enjoying “natural” monopoly is contrasted to a section of their consumers, the SMMEs. SMMEs face stiff competition from large and private firms and multinational companies. Does monopoly have room in today''s business world? The target SMMEs are those dependent on electricity for business operation. The knowledge of the impact of a firm''s activities on other firms is a universal concern,since this makes or breaks the other firms. The SMMEs may benefit from this book by understanding how best they could approach the electricity consumption logistics. The government may use this book to understanding how to effectively and efficiently provide the citizens with the public utility. Key words: Benchmarking, electricity sector, Kenya, South Africa, Small-Medium and Micro Enterprises.

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