10m high flex twisted pair i o power supply cable with hrs 12 pin hr10a 10p 12s connector welded compatible with basler camera

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Product description: Passives UTP video transmission equipment and can be used for sending and receiving use not required to provide power transmission distance of 300 meters color image 600 meters black and white images; With built-in power supply to eliminate the magnetic field pulsed electric field ground potential difference interference circuit superior interference rejection ultra-low electromagnetic radiation the built-in surge protection; Real-time Transport monochrome or color PAL NTSC SECAM and other standard baseband video signal; Fully compatible with all types of cameras twisted pair output functions; High-quality video transmission quality of fiber optic transmission effect can be achieved with a fiber-optic cable to achieve cost effectiveness; Two color signal transmission up to 300 meters (the camera to the monitor); In a five over unshielded twisted pair of four pairs of lines to take a pair of lines can transmit one signal four combinations of four pairs of lines can transmit video and data signals or multiple signals and interfere with each other used in conjunction with active receiver can transmit 800 meters. Product Features: Without providing power Excellent anti-jamming capability Built-line transient surge protection Can be mounted directly to the camera video output

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