5 pcs 10cm servo extension lead wire cable male to male kk mk mwc flight control board for rc quadcopter

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Brand no Model SE V3.0 H-8123 Quantity 1 Piece(s)/pack Color Blue Material aluminium alloy hard plastic Compatible device 3 axis Functions flight control GPS Keywords MWC MultiWii SE V3.0 Standard Edition Flight Control Board + RC Airplane H-8123 GPS Receiver Module Other Feature MWC V3.0Better six-axis gyroscope/accelerator sensor; Special I2C level to IC; With I2C(5V Level) interface could connect I2C-GPS navigation board/OLED monitor etc; With FTDI protection avoiding conflict between external power supply and USB power supply; Hardware Features: Chip: ATMega328P; BMP085 digital barometric sensor; HMC5883L three-axis magneto resistive sensor; Segregate dual channel power regulator 3.3V/5V Max. Current 150mA/500mA; Dual channel power indicator LED 3.3V red/5V green; High brightness status indicator LED; Special I2C level to IC; FTDI interface with diode protection and 500mA current limit fuse; GPS: Main chip: U-Blox G6100; C/A 1.023MHZ bit stream; Receive frequency range:L1[1575.42MHz]; Receive channel: 50CH; GPS Function: Packing List 1 x V3.0 flight controller 1 x H-8123 GPS

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