beautiful gift new for pc laptop fashion 1200 dpi usb wired optical gaming mice mouse wholesale price sep26

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High Quality Compact Design and Measurable Weight. Ultra-precise Scroll Wheel Ergonomic shape special feel good True 2400DPI Pro-Gmaing Sensor New Version: High Resolution: 2400DPI Adjustable resolution feature: 800/1200/1800/2400DPI Profect combination positioning accuracy Forward and backword side buttons Resoulition adjustable in driverless-free drive Switch Life: 8 million cycle The use of up to 60000 hours 16-bit ultra-wide data path 8400FPS frames per second (6.8 megapixels per second) DPI Switch Buttons: 6 buttons with scroll wheel (Two Side-Buttons and One DPI Button) Most suitable for Laptop user and PC user Optical technology works on most surfaces Intelligent connectivity. no need to code plug & play Built-weight iron feel comfortable mobile and stability

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