bullet shaped catridge brass red dot laser bore sighter for 223rem golden 3 x lr41

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Description: 30-06 25-06 .270 Cartridge Red Laser Bore Sight Brass Bore sighter This 30-06/25-06/.270 Cartridge Laser Bore Sighter features precision accuracy. This bore sighter is a fast, reliable and durable gun zeroing and sighting system. Features: Precision accuracy Reliable and durable Fastest gun zeroing and sighting system Reduce wasted cartridges and shells Compact and lightweight Easy to pack and travel Specification: Laser wavelength (nm): 635-655 LED type: Visible red laser Power: Less than 5 megawatts Battery type: L936 Battery life: One (1) hour Range for sighting: 15-100 yards Dot size: Two (2) at 100 yards Operation: On/off end cap Construction: Brass Temperature: 10-50 Package includes: 1 x Laser Bore Sighter 3 x Batteries 1 x User Manual Details pictures:

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