el stick

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Model: D12103004X - Quality: 1 - Color: Black + green + white - Material: PVC - Light Color: Green + white - Input Voltage: 3V - Connector Type: Flip flop connector - Application: Decoration light - Power: 2 x AA batteries (not included) - Description: The sticker is ultrathin with adjustable sensitivity - Suitable for the installation of automobile rear windscreen left or right windscreen lights accompanied by the rhythm of the music and beating - Cool flashing car sticker increases safety as you driving a car at night; At the same time it makes your car fashionable and amazing. It is really cool and also very easy to install. This flashing subject creates a fascinating view for your car - Remove membrane and stick to the windscreen please make sure the lighting side towards outside - Built-in sound sensor by the induction car stereo the sound (of course your voice as long as there is sound) while the light-emitting control electro-luminescent rhythmic beat with the size of the sound - The sticker is made of ultra thin LED sheet environmental protection energy saving and long lifespan - Electro-luminescent will not heat or drop shadow; Green and white light gentle Light; Electro-luminescent will not hurt your eyes glare or flicker the whole sheet sticker is with the same brightness light; Electro-luminescent is with long light or flashing - Short wave optical rotation and excellent in passing ability especially good for a weather as dark or fog etc. - Attention: The sheet sticker is flexible can be curly but can not be folded - The sheet sticker can not be collided or crushed - If you need more hotness sound just make the sensor closer to the sound - Please make sure the sheet sticker will not affect safe of driving as there is no one in the car please turn it off - Packing List: - 1 x Sticker - 1 x Sound control sensor

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