hdd of the disk for 40k1050 39r7362 146g 15k sas 3 5 new hdd well tested working

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Still have your old XBOX 360 HDD and want to put it in your new XBOX 360 Slim? Then this is the product for you. With the use of this case and videos available on Youtube.com you can format and install your old HDD into your new SLIM. If your Xbox 360 Slim hard disk drive case is broken you can change it easily with this Xbox 360 Slim hard disk drive case as well. These cases snap together so you don't need any adhesives just put your drive in it and press the halves together for easy installation. Get yours today and save! - Color: Black - Material: Plastic - Supports 2.5" HDD - With "250GB" cloth label - Suitable for Xbox 360 slim

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