hybrid low order modeling for conceptual vehicle design

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Recently, Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) has become a popular tool for optimization. This book presents the established fundamentals in the area of GAs and vibration control as well as explores new and emerging technologies and techniques. The first part of the book presents novel optimization techniques by combining GAs with local search method which is called hybrid GAs. The second part focuses on application of the proposed hybrid GAs to the design of the suspension parameters of the half car model in order to enhance ride comfort and road holding performances. Different dynamical models of the half car are constructed and incorporated under different situations and assumptions. New mathematical models of road bumps are developed using Fourier series to induce excitation to the vehicle. New optimization problems that help in controlling vehicle vibration are discussed. This book will be useful to researchers and students in the field of automotive engineering, computer science, operations research, management science and applied mathematics. The readers will learn numerous new modeling ideas and effective algorithms, and find this work a stimulating and useful reference.

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