led color changing waterfall bathroom faucet chrome finish

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High quality faucet with built-in LED light. LED light is activated when the faucet senses water flow Changes gradually and automatically subject to the water temperature Control. Environmental friendly and energy saving. Stylish and durable Easy installation. Round top shower the water flow evenly. Clean the surface regularly with water and wipe with a soft cloth. For difficult stains or spots use a mild detergent or colorless glass cleaner. Give yourself a gift with this stylish shower head and to give your bathroom decor a modern update. Note: When the water temperature at 31C below shows the green; When the water temperature at 32'C~43'C the display has a blue; When the water temperature at 44'C~50'C between show red; When the water temperature exceeds 50C be careful to avoid being burned oh red flashing prompt.

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