modeling hybrid systems wine fermentation and cells differeniation

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Manufacturing a solar cell and testing it to determine if it performs as desired is too expensive and time consuming, considering that this process may have to be repeated numerous times until a solar cell is built that produces the desired results. In order to give a real understanding & realization of all the phenomena occurring inside the solar cell devices,the development of a reliable simulated model first is very much essential.In this book,a new detailed method for developing realistic simulation models of advanced solar cells including III-V multi-junction, Thermophotovoltaic & textured ARC cell using device physics,material science and latest TCAD tool is presented.The flexibility of the proposed methodology is clearly demonstrated & the results are verified favorably with similar manufactured cells under the same parameters.The introduction of this realistic and reliable numerical modeling technique will prove to be of great importance in the design & development of advanced and cost effective solar cell.This book will be very helpful to students,research scholars,scientists or industrial experts who are currently working in the field of Photovoltaic cell device modeling.

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