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Providing elementary education to all children means abolishing child labour completely, if even one percent of children are not getting elementary education it means one percent child is labourer and only achieving hundred percent literacy does not mean abolishing hundred percent child labour. This book emhasis the need of education and hihg light the inner voice of every child. Govt efforts to abolish child labour with reference to educational policies evaluated critically. The recommendations of various education committees and commissions have discussed comprehensevly. Government constitutiona provisions and laws regarding elimination of child labour has also been covered and some court's verdict and its implications have also been discussed.This book is very helpful for academics, educationist,policy makers,educational administrators, NGOs and all those who are concerned with the future of a child. This book will motivate all those child labourer who want to study and do something remarkable in his or her life. Some important and useful suggesstions are given in the last chapter. This book will be useful for the welfare of human being.

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