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The relation between farmland conservation and food sufficiency is associated factors. Farmland is the prime means of food production so the size of farm land and productive use of it are directly link with food sufficiency in local as well as national level. There are many driving and facilitating factors of nonfarm use on farmland. The factors determine on the context of national and local scenario; they are farmland conservation policy, developing investment sectors of remittance, urban induced farmland, political instability of the country, insecurity of investment to brown sectors, monopoly food market, genetically modified food production technology, urban based service system and credit opportunity in urban zone. The facilitating and driving factors boost process of urbanization rapidly. They are factors of driving force of migration people to urban zones. Almost these factors have been directly or indirectly linked to paradigm shift of land tenure systems of local community and productivity of farmland. The issues of farmland conservation focusing problems and prospects associated with fringing land size as well as losses of food production.

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